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piątek, 23 sierpnia 2013

Guest post by Lily Rainstorm!

Hello everyone!

This is Lily Rainstorm, a player from the swedish server and also Melissa's friend! Melissa and I chosed to do a "guest post" on each others blogs. You can find Melissa's guest post at my blog, StarStableWorld.se

Well what to say. I can tell you about me! I'm started to play at 2011 and I've played non-stop since then. I've owned and been a member in many clubs, I owned "Ocean Panthers" which was the third largest club on the swedish server one time. Sadly I dissolved it after 383 days 4/8 2013. So now I'm a member of a amazing club called Diamond Bubbles Company instead!

Ocean Panthers


27/1 2012 I started a blog. A blog called StarStableWorld.se. Since then, my blog has grown extremly and is today one of the biggest SSO blogs. Even the creators of Star Stable reads it!

One week ago something incredible happened. Star Stable saw on my blog that I was going on trip to Stockholm and invited me to their office. THEIR OFFICE!
That was one of my best day ever. 15/8 I went to Star Stable's office in Stockholm city. I met all the Game Masters (even GM's on other servers) and many of the workers there. It was awesome and everyone was soooo kind, and funny! I also got a T-shirt from them, check it out on a picture below!

So I've blogged there since the beginning of 2012, and I have no plans to stop doing it :D I love my Star Stable life right now!

And how did I started to know Melissa..? Well that's a crazy way to start knowing friends. Anyway I where bored one day and spammed her ask. A few hours later when she revealed me, we started to chat on FB and we have done it every day since then. Today we are great friends, and thanks to her and Facebook I've started to learn so many wonderful friends all around the world!

To meet all my amazing friends (mostly all on West european server), I've made an account there called Donna Sealake. I got starrider today, actually. So now I've started my adventure through the WE server!
I also standing on 9th place on the waiting list to Night Circus, a club that seems to be amazing and where Melissa is a member of! So I really looking forward to join. Everybody seem to be so nice :D

Today I danced with some of my new friends on WE! 

I also own 5 horses, from the left:
Silvershadow, Midnightbeauty, Eveningfighter, Summerbelle & Westboy! 

Midnight is my compete horse, together we've won many championships and placed good on lists!

So yup. Now you've learned something about me and my life! I think you should keep reading Melissa's blog, and why don't check out mine too? I write in swedish, but you can translate it to English, Finnish and German by touching the flags in the right menu!

Have a nice friday! And don't forget to check out Melissa's guest post on my blog!

12 komentarzy:

  1. yyyyyyyyyy co ty gadasz? -,- To Polski blog ? -,- żal...

    1. Anonimowy to gość Melissy pisze o sobie. Lily pisze że już od 2011roku gra w SSO na szwedzkim serwie.

    2. A poza tym istnieje takie coś jak Google Translate.

    3. Fajna rzecz z tym guestem postem xd Jak te angielskie nazwy w spolszczaniu wyglądają dziwnie xd

      Muszę odnaleźć Twojego questa na blogu Lily ;)

  2. This a Polish blog? WTF?!

  3. dacie stronkę gdzie mogę zagrać w SSO?

    1. https://www.starstable.com/pl/



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